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In the course of their fifty years of marriage, Conrad Bishop and Elizabeth Fuller have collaborated as performers, playwrights, radio producers and puppeteers in bringing hundreds of stories to thousands of audiences. Now they wrestle with telling their own story— a chronicle of parenting, uprootings, successes and failures, polyamory, spiritual searching, dancing naked around bonfires, strict accounting practices, and perpetual improvisation.

If you can find someone you can work with and love at the same time, you've truly got something magnificent. Co-Creation: Fifty Years in the Making is a profound memoir of Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller as they reflect on countless decades of cooperation as partners in the world of show business and the much more difficult task of partners in the game of life. Touching and memorable, Co-Creation is a fine assortment of wisdom, very much recommended.
- Midwest Book Review
These two are among the most odd, fascinating humans I have ever met. They are actors, artists, composers, writers, puppeteers, parents, pagans, super-smart, sexy beasts with the collected wisdom of years refusing to live by the rules.
- Joan Schirle, Founding Artistic Director, Dell'Arte International
You two have what most people want, a lasting love within a family unit where you break all the rules, make your own and co-create your art and lives together.
- Betty Dodson, sex educator, author of Sex for One
I can scarcely remember a theater world without Bishop and Fuller. For me they were there from the beginning, making plays that were authentic and wild and true, and encouraging me, as a brother poet and dramatist, to do the same. They have created a vibrant space that moves with them and without them and will be with us forever.
- Daniel Mark Epstein, biographer, poet, dramatist
Conrad and Elizabeth raise the bar of relationship possibilities - 50 years of co-creating amazing works, touching souls, moving mountains, and dancing outside the box while holding the box intact. These memoirs are a must-read for everyone who dares to enter the mystery of love.
- Anodea Judith, author of Wheels of Life
Theirs is a story of passionate reinvention, revisioning, and renewal, told with insight, grace, wit and generosity. And an authentic chronicle of an American theatre truly "beyond the capitals."
- Philip Arnoult, Founder & Director, Baltimore Theatre Project & Center for Intl. Theatre Development.
Conrad & Elizabeth are two of the most amazing people I've ever known. At one of our Beltane festivals they were dubbed "the couple most likely to have stepped out of a Heinlein novel."
- Oberon Zell, founder, Church of All Worlds, author of Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard
I know of no couple that have thought more deeply about relationships than Conrad and Elizabeth. They have explored this through their work which has touched so many lives, and had the courage to live the exploration. I'm fascinated by their amazing life together on and off stage.
- Bill Siemering, Founder, Developing Radio Partners
A life spent creating theatre and creating connections ... the very real deal. There is a lifetime of artistic wisdom here from artists who have followed their Muses, and each other, into the deep forest every single day of their lives. They have created their lives out of the whole cloth of theatrical tradition in ways that others talk about but don't have the fortitude to attempt.
- Whit Maclaughlin, Artistic Director, New Paradise Laboratories
From the beginning, they were burdened with burgeoning talent, fine intelligence, and newly discovered devotions - not only to theatre but to finding a way of life that would give meaning to living. Over five decades, it was thrilling to watch their pursuit of that devotion. Whether they're exploring short radio drama about close-to-our-daily-lives problems, or Eastern mysticism, or religious parable, there's the same integrity, the same honesty, the same intense determination to get to the core of its questions and of its relevance to ourselves. What they are and what they do are one.
- Dr. Leon Katz, Emeritus Professor of Drama, Yale University