March 2, 2015
The Rites of Spring. . .

Rash Acts Now—

In 1989, we published a collection of 18 dramatic sketches that had been part of the tour repertory of The Independent Eye, and before that of Theatre X, for many years. Last year, we sold the final copy. Sketches from that collection have been staged by theatres, colleges and schools throughout the country — one even made into a film in Argentina.

Now, a new edition, expanded to 35 unique comedies, nightmares, and quirky portraits drawn from 45 years of touring. We were doing ten-minute plays long before the term “ten-minute play” was ever uttered, and these are the best. For us, they offer the pleasure of good short stories stripped down to the essence of the human interplay they reflect — no character descriptions, so you can cast them with the faces of your favorite friends, enemies, and exasperating relatives.

It’s 265 pp., paperbound, $16.95 plus shipping. Order through our website.

Tickets for King Lear—

For North Bay friends, it’s time to reserve for the preview showings of King Lear at our Sebastopol studio — schedule on the sidebar. Admission is free, though there’ll be a hat gaping for donations after the show. Very important to make reservations, as the space is very small.

And for Bay Area folks, We’re at a beautiful small gallery in North Beach, The Emerald Tablet, April 10-26. Tickets on sale now.

Two actors, twenty puppets, Shakespeare’s fiery text. See the trailer here.