June 1, 2015
Lear, Fool & Co.

Damned Fool. . .

We’ve just published our 74th weekly Damned Fool blog, and we earnestly invite you to subscribe. It’s free, it comes every week, and if you don’t have time to read the week’s post, it’s easy to dump the electrons. Elizabeth does an entry, CB does one, and we both channel the Fool — today’s descendant of King Lear’s deadpan comic.  We started it in January 2014, and all the old words are there: DamnedFool.com.

This weekend, June 7th at 4 pm, we’re back in home territory with Lear, a single performance at Occidental Center for the Arts.

It’s in OCA’s classroom, so seating is limited and we’re almost full.  We hope very much that we’ll have more showings in this area prior to our 5-week East Coast tour, but nothing’s on the books right now.

It’s by donation after the show, so you can put in the hat what you feel it’s worth to you, but it’s absolutely necessary to make a reservation by emailing us.

We had a glorious weekend of King Lear, kicking off the San Diego Puppetry Festival, with intense and fulsome response.

Coming East . .

As you can see by the schedule, we’re coming East with King Lear. Several hosts are still in process of confirmation, and we still have some dates open — in October in the Mid-Atlantic or along the I-80 coming back in early November. If you’re in any way connected with a theatre, art gallery or arts center, college, or any organization that would like a very intense 100 minutes of Shakespeare’s masterpiece, let us know. Cost is very flexible, depending on setting.

Welcome Relief. . .

Two gigs this past month that were very sweet to do, being pieces we haven’t done in a while and that are so much simpler than Lear.  First, a showing of Gifts for the San Francisco Bay Area Puppeteers Guild, and then our house-concert reading of our memoir Co-Creation for a friend’s workshop group in Novato. We thrive on the weird, unbrandable variety of our work and also of our audiences.

Once again, both these pieces are designed for house concert performance, purely on a donation basis. If you can gather 12-15 friends, offer refreshments and seats for a 55-minute performance, we’re yours.