July 5, 2015
Flat on Back. . .

Excuses, Excuses . .

Over the years, one develops a vast catalog of excuses for lateness, starting with homework and term papers, evolving to self-imposed deadlines that no one really cares about except yourself — which makes it hard to come up with one you accept. In this case, it’s the lateness of the newsletter, and the excuse is pneumonia.

My newest production: I sit and try to read. I cough a lot. I move from sofa to bed. I do it some more.  Call it Minimalist Theatre.

Thankfully, after a two-week run, it’s nearly done. I’m back to the gym, back to yardwork, back to booking our East Coast tour, back to writing, and back to work on a King Lear video. And finally catching up the newsletter.

East Coast Lear. . .

Our schedule is filling, as you can see. Four theatres, three colleges, two arts centers. Still several others in process.

If you’re connected with a theatre, art gallery or arts center, college, or any organization that would like a very intense 100 minutes of Shakespeare’s masterpiece, let us know. Cost is very flexible, depending on setting.

And for House Concerts. . .

On the East Coast, we have an open span from Oct. 7 to 14. Some of this may fill with Lear, but we’re also offering a house-concert reading of Rash Acts, our anthology of short comedy and madness. As with our memoir Co-Creation, it’s purely on an audience donation basis. If you can gather 12-15 or more friends, offer refreshments and seats for a 55-minute performance, and overnight lodging for us, we’re yours.

And in the Bay Area, any time after Nov. 10th.

If you missed last month’s notice, we’ve published a new expanded edition of our dramatic sketches: Rash Acts: Thirty-five Snapshots for the Stage — unique comedies, nightmares, and quirky portraits drawn from 45 years of touring. They offer the pleasure of short stories stripped down to the core of the human interplay they reflect — cast them with the faces of your favorite friends, enemies, and exasperating relatives.

It’s 265 pp., paperbound, $16.95 plus shipping.  Order through our website.