November 1, 2016
King Lear for President

That is, if you’re one of our more wild-haired friends who hope we elect the worst possible President and thereby send the US to hell in a handbasket as a means of bringing on the Revolution. We personally have our doubts about that as a viable route to Utopia. We’d rather just give the poor bastard his 100 minutes in the spotlight and then pack him up with his puppets and carry on.

To the Northwest—

This month, we head northward, with a performance of Lear in Portland OR, hosted jointly by Tears of Joy Theatre and Hand2Mouth, and then to Western Oregon University, returning home Nov. 20th.

January will see us in the Southwest, with shows in Phoenix, Albuquerque and Taos, and hopefully also in San Diego. We hope to come East in late spring or summer, plans still pending.

Our European Jaunt—

In September, as announced, we took a vacation to Europe, via Iceland, to visit our daughter and other friends. Bits & pieces posted on our DamnedFool blog and on Facebook, so no extended coverage here. Suffice it to say that it had its joyous moments and its severe trials. Elizabeth’s prior hip surgery got overstressed and painful, forcing partial cancellation of plans, but we managed to score a wheelchair in Paris and tool around madly.

She’s now back on a good trajectory, continuing therapy for balance but off the cane and trotting freely in the street—to quote an old Ferlinghetti poem, one of my favorites.

New Work—

Starting to happen, though we’ve vowed not to begin a lick of work till we get back from the November tour.

It’s likely we’ll revive Gifts, our house-concert show (which we’ve never actually retired, though focused mainly on Lear) for another round of California showings, and then beyond.

And we’re in discussion for a new solo show for Elizabeth. One possibility is a radical restaging of Dream House as a house-concert piece. Probably we’d have to forego the nudity, lest we freak out anyone’s household pets, but it’d be a joy to bring back what was one of our most deeply moving shows. Other possibility is something entitled Scars & Stripes. We have the title and the scars, but not much else at the moment.

And work goes forward on our novel and a couple of short stories, forever and ever.

Damned Fool—

Last week we published our 147th weekly blog: Elizabeth’s blurb, my blurb, the Fool’s blurb. Very hard to believe we’ve actually done this faithfully for nearly three years, given how much difficulty I have in shaving regularly. If you haven’t sampled it, give it a try: