The Independent EyeFamily Snapshots
Family Snapshots

A medley of provocative micro-dramas about commonly-shared family moments when you were too frazzled to pick up the camera.

Written & performed by Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller
Directed by Conrad Bishop, music by Elizabeth Fuller
1m/1w, unit set.

Produced by The Independent Eye, touring from May 1997 to March 2002 in PA, CA, IL, NJ, NY, OH, OR and WI. 58 performances.

Produced with Genesee Community College (Batavia, NY), October 2000—new work based on student improvisations, directed by C. Bishop.

From the program:

The sketches in Family Snapshots have gone through many incarnations. Some were created in shows as early as 1978; others are very recent. Several years ago, we produced a public radio series by the same title—a collection of sixty-five 90-second dramas, some of which are now translated verbatim to the stage.

Why, over the years, do we continue being drawn back to themes relating to “family”? Possibly because of our own experience as artistic life-mates—46 years and two children. Or because theatre, in its essence, is about human bonding. Or because each family is a beginning, and our life has always been about beginnings.
—Bishop & Fuller


full script

  • from the student production: