The Independent EyeTapdancer

A stockbroker, as a joke, is given a gift certificate for tapdance lessons—the first stage of his odyssey of uncalculated risk. A love story is intersected by the farcical descent into the judicial system, resulting in his death sentence for defacing a billboard. He’s saved, but only so long as he keeps dancing on the footboard of his deathbed.

Written by Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller, based on improvisations by the acting ensemble of New City Theater (Seattle, WA).
Two acts; 4m/2w; multi-location unit set.

Produced by Mark Taper Forum New Works Festival, 1991, directed by Peter Brosius.

Produced by The Independent Eye, premiering Jan. 22, 1992, at the Other Room Theatre (Lancaster, PA) and the Shubin Theatre (Philadelphia, PA), directed by Conrad Bishop, music by Elizabeth Fuller, design by John Whiting. 12 performances.

Produced by Fulton Theatre, Lancaster, PA, directed by Kathleen Collins.

Radio adaptation serialized on Hitchhiking off the Map.