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The Want Ads

A revue ranging from cabaret comedy to nightmarish surrealism. A housewife is visited by a Marx Brothers duo bringing her all imaginable disasters. A man trying to instill consciousness in workers brings only pain. A taxi driver asks for a bank loan to start his own steel mill. A couple trying to link through the Personals let their tape recorders talk to one another. A phone solicitor is fired for communicating too well. A mother is stranded in a blizzard while sitting at the dinner table.

Written by Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller
Six linked sketches; 2w/1m; unit set.

Produced by The Independent Eye, premiering April 27, 1984 at Eye Theatre Works (Lancaster, PA). Directed by Conrad Bishop, sound by Elizabeth Fuller, performed by Bishop, Fuller & Camilla Schade. 7 performances.

Produced by Burbage Theatre Ensemble (Los Angeles, CA).