The Independent EyeMedea/Sacrament

Based on Euripides’ Medea. A university classics professor gives a lecture as his wife is in extended labor. As the terror of birth becomes, for the first time, immediate to him, he enters into episodes of the Euripidean plot, embodying the Nurse, Creon, Aegeus, and at last Jason in his own nightmare labor.

Written & performed by Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller
Directed & designed by Conrad Bishop, music by Elizabeth Fuller
Full-length; 1m/1w, unit set.

Produced by The Independent Eye, premiering May 23, 1982 at Eye Theatre Works (Lancaster, PA); touring 1982-85, with extended runs at CSC Repertory (New York, NY) and The Theatre Project (Baltimore, MD) and in NY, PA, MD, NC, VA and WI. Total of 45 performances.