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Fantasy based on Carlo Gozzi’s 18th Century commedia The King Stag. In a kingdom left barren by war, the king’s marriage will restore the land’s fertility. His bride-quest is hampered by a magical gift to see behind masks, but he finds love in Angela. His minister Tadok contrives to usurp throne, bride, and the young King’s vigorous body by means of a transmigrational spell, but love’s clear eyes lead Angela to see her true mate in the withered body. Together, the powerless—young woman and old man—dispossess the usurper, but in the melee they cross-migrate and are compelled each to dwell in the other’s body until they reopen the pathway by conceiving a child.

Written by Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller
Performed by Bishop, Fuller & Camilla Schade
Directed by Conrad Bishop, music by Elizabeth Fuller
Puppets by Conrad Bishop in collaboration with the ensemble
6m/3w, 3 flunkies; unit set.

Produced by The Independent Eye, premiering Oct. 24, 1980 at The Steinman Theatre (Lancaster, PA). 8 performances.

Produced by the Dept. of Theatre, Southwest Missouri State University, directed by Jay Raphael, 2004.