The Independent EyeDreambelly

Portrait of an American loner, Kenneth, an amiable substitute teacher who, after attending his mother during her lingering death, slips into a bizarre search for superhuman identity. Struggling to survive, he encounters five women, all played by one actress. Nearing a breakdown, he finds his sense of absurdity won’t allow the refrigerator door to close, and he emerges, bleak but alive.

Written & performed by Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller
Directed by Conrad Bishop
Multi-scene one-hour play. 1m/1w; unit set.

Produced by The Independent Eye, premiering October 1, 1976, at The Coffee House (Milwaukee, WI), touring to Baltimore Theatre Project. Restaged for production at The Steinman Theatre (Lancaster, PA), opening April 17, 1981. 18 performances.

Produced by Theatre X (Milwaukee, WI) for local performance and on tour in The Netherlands under auspices of Amsterdam’s Mickery Theatre.