June 2, 2016
June Intensity


Yes, more King Lear. On June 14-18, we’re back in San Francisco for three performances as part of the Fury Factory, a two-week festival of ensemble theatre, hosted by the FoolsFURY theatre in three venues of the Artaud arts complex.

It features ensembles from CA, OR, WA, MN, and RI, plus workshops and work-in-progress showings. Tickets and more info are available on the FoolsFURY website.


A varied summer awaits us. I’ve just returned from attending the Redwood Men’s Conference, a weekend among the stunning Mendocino redwoods—singing, storytelling, sharing lives, good food & warm fellowship. And, in a couple of days, off to the Santa Barbara Writers Conference for five days, where it appears that much of it is actually about writing, not just career promotion—hopefully.

A few days home, and we take off for the Fury Factory shows, and at the end of June up to Laytonville for the Kate Wolf Festival, a sumptuous music feast where the sun is very hot but the vibe is very sweet.

Next day home, and Elizabeth takes her turn in the hospital for the first of two hip replacement surgeries. The past few months have seen sudden and serious deterioration in her movement—fortunately, for Lear, her Fool has only to stand up and sit down. With the chronic pain, she has good days and bad days. Fortunately, our surgeon comes highly recommended, and as we’ve had a number of friends who’ve undergone the procedure, the prognosis is very positive. Second surgery will be six weeks later, after a trip to L.A. for a showing for high school students at the CA State Summer School for the Arts.

Nothing at all in August except Elizabeth healing and our picking & canning apples & plums. In September, off to Europe to visit our daughter & other friends, plus me to Paris, EF to Britanny, and stopovers in Iceland. And then back to work.


Our short story “The Yowling Cat Story” has just been published in BlazeVOX, an online literary journal. it’s freely readable online.

Other stories published to date include “Myra’s Channel” in Crack the Spine, “The Blue Lotus” in Printers Row Journal, “Help” in The Storyteller, and a chapter of our first novel Realists in Exterminating Angel. None of these are available online, but we would be very pleased to email you a PDF of any of them if you’d drop us a note at eye@independenteye.org.

We’re now in the final stages of editing our fifth novel Akedah: the Binding. Three others Galahad’s Fool, Hammers, and Long Shadow making the rounds, homeless to date but knocking on doors with hope in their hearts. Our first, Realists, is self-published and available via our website.

And Now Booking—

Current plans are for a Pacific Northwest tour (WA, OR) starting early November; a Southwest tour (NM/AZ/SoCA) in January/February and another trip to the Midwest and East Coast in April/May of 2017.

If you’re part of a theatre, arts center, or college, or even have a large living room and a bunch of friends, talk to us about bringing Lear or Gifts or a reading of Co-Creation or Rash Acts. For some hosts, we ask fees, for others a split of the gate. We’re not averse to money, but what keeps us alive is to have our work seen.