June 30, 2020
A New Stage

As announced, we’re bidding the Eye, our alter ego, farewell. Now it’s Bishop & Fuller & our own partnership, WordWorkers Press. We still hope to do a Final Tour when the plague abates, and always open to serendipity, but our main focus now is our writing & our cats & one another.

The past three years have been our familiar pattern of change—change is our only constancy. After two years of touring King Lear, we created a solo show for Elizabeth— Survival, a clown’s coping with the daily news—for limited touring. The heavy work has gone into novels, three in the last three years: Galahad’s Fool, Blind Walls, and Akedah: the Binding. Another’s on the way, and Elizabeth is also writing a solo memoir whose working title is Elizabeth, Meet Elizabeth. We’re also in our fourth year of writing a weekly blog at www.DamnedFool.com.

It’s more than a little bit odd to plunge into an entirely new art form at age 78 and 80, not to mention the question of the world taking any notice. But like our plunge from faculty life to hardscrabble touring, our moves from Milwaukee to Chicago to Lancaster PA to Philly to California, it’s a perpetual process of loss and rebirth. Getting a bit old to have new babies, but they keep appearing every year.